Wendy Mitchell interview – living well with Alzheimers

Wendy Mitchell has Alzheimers, but refuses to give up on life. In fact since her diagnosis she has written three books and been awarded two honorary degrees. 

The Alzheimers research charity BRACE invited Wendy to attend as a keynote speaker at their annual conference. But nowadays she finds public speaking very tiring. So I was asked to interview her on Zoom instead. 

The result is the video below – a wonderfully lucid, personal account of what it feels like to live in the Alzheimers fog yet carry on achieving and being positive. 

I hope you’ll agree that a well-judged journalistic interview, covering the emotional and the factual sides of a story, can make a welcome change at a conference from endless talking heads. 

Wendy was a joy to interview, but this treatment (live or video) is also perfect for situations where a speaker’s message is undermined by limited preparation time or issues of confidence, skill or experience. 

If you have an interview project in mind, please get in touch