Add a human face to your organisation

Picture of Tony Coll. We are all hard-wired as humans to prefer to deal face-to-face with another human being. However, in the modern world that’s not always possible. So a good compromise is to put a video on the home page of your website. That way, people looking online for your product or service won’t just be greeted by a cold slab of text but by a real person to whom they can relate. And this isn’t just theory. There are some amazing statistics which show that adding video to your site will produce more visitors who will stay longer and be more inclined to buy from you.

Eclectic track record

I have been a BBC journalist and producer and a drama and comedy writer, so my films are in all styles - news, documentary or drama – and are made to the highest technical, creative and editorial standards. As a small but flexible company we are able to offer my films at realistic, affordable prices. Here is a selection of my videos to give you an idea of the professional quality you can expect.

This Video News Release and web video won UK-wide TV coverage on GMTV for the Noise Abatement Society’s campaign to show teenagers they are damaging their hearing by playing MP3 players too loud.

The moving opening of One Square Mile, commissioned to show local councillors and planners the harsh effects of the UK’s land-use laws on Gypsies and Travellers and introduce the new, more equitable system.

Part of Sustainable Futures for Beautiful Places, commissioned by the South West Protected Landscapes Forum to showcase the bright ideas being tried in some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes.

A Bristol City Council video about how European Funding is improving life in the city.

Violence In West Africa: Local Conflict Or Global Terror?


Commissioned by the Conflict, Security and Development Group, King’s College, London, to explain and contextualise their research into the causes of violence and radicalisation in West Africa. (Viewing is restricted – please contact me if you’d like to see it.)

More uses for web video are being found daily. As traditional media wither, more and more organisations are turning their sites into media hubs, with text, audio and video.