Picture of Tony Coll being filmed

Do you hate presenting?

You’re not alone. Standing up and speaking, even to friends and colleagues, is the Number One Fear of Successful People. And nowadays you have to do so much of it. Motivating colleagues. Pitching for a big order. Applying for a job. Giving interviews to the media. If you don’t do it, you’ll miss valuable opportunities. If you do it but misjudge the message, the audience or the delivery ... disaster!

Luckily, that’s not going to happen. I can make you a much better presenter. More confident, more convincing, more engaging, more memorable. I will work with you on gauging the target audience, the message, the right words, the structure and the delivery. Or I can present on your behalf (see below).

My approach has worked for Cabinet-level politicians, government officials, senior business figures, chief police and fire officers. It could work for you too. Just email and I’ll show you how.

Ever feel invisible?

Tweets, posts, blog entries, let alone live presentations and traditional media - there’s so much noise out there nowadays that it’s hard to make yourself heard.

But if you understand the journalistic and dramatic idea of a story, and can find and deliver the stories in your organisation, you will have an advantage. Suddenly, you will be head and shoulders above the crowd – a lot more interesting and newsworthy than you thought you were.

I teach the key elements of news in all my workshops. Just email and I’ll explain how it works and why it matters.

Win that sale!

Every time you pitch to a prospect, your communication skills are tested – and you only get one chance to make a good impression. My individual sales presentation coaching sessions and small group training workshops give you that vital opportunity to practise beforehand. I can help you put the pitch together in the first place, identifying your key messages and suggesting strategies for presenting them in the most effective way.

Then I’ll take you through a couple of dry runs in a safe environment – on film. This allows you to see exactly what you did, both the good and the bad parts, and gain valuable and encouraging feedback from the trainer and group.

Email and I’ll show you how I can do it for you.

Land that job!

Going for a job interview can be a terrifying and demoralising prospect. You may not have attended one for many years, or even at all. Your self-esteem may have taken a knock, so that you don’t believe you have any skills worth talking about. In this morale-boosting, motivational workshop, I will show you how to identify your key transferable skills – and you definitely have some!

I will then suggest ways of presenting these skills when you go for an interview; how to anticipate and prepare for likely questions; and how to say what you want to say even if the questions don’t suit you.

Finally, you’ll get the chance to role-play an interview at least once, on film, which is then played back with constructive criticism in a supportive group of peers.

Don’t worry if this sounds like a daunting prospect. You’ll be among friends and supporters who are there to boost your confidence - not to destroy it!

Email and I’ll tell you more.

Walk the talk, talk the walk

My individual coaching sessions and small group training workshops will help you with every aspect of presentation – to live audiences of any size, on video, radio or TV, or in your own web videos.

Choose from the following workshops, or ask us to create a programme for your individual requirements:

Finally ... let me present for you!

I do understand that some people hate presenting so much that they just can’t bring themselves to do it it. For them, I have another suggestion. I’m a former BBC reporter and presenter who will happily be your advocate. I will prepare and deliver a live presentation or video to any audience of any size, on any aspect of your organisation or message. I can write, direct and produce a video about your organisation or message, and also be a voice-over or on-screen presenter as desired.

Here are some recent examples of my commissioned video work in reporter style:

Email and I’ll explain how I could boost your profile.