When your organisation suffers a disaster or other bad news, you’ll find yourself in the media spotlight. Handle it badly and it could destroy the organisation. This practical one-day workshop will show you how to work effectively with the media during a crisis, and emerge with your reputation intact or even enhanced.

What is it?

A practical one-day introduction to representing your organisation in the media in the event of a disaster, emergency or other bad news.

Who should attend?

CEOs, senior managers, press officers, PR personnel and anyone else who may have to act even temporarily as a media spokesperson in the event of a crisis or bad news.

Previous experience required?

None. Participants will face tough grilling in a rapidly changing hard news environment, but they will be prepared and supported through the experience and will emerge with increased confidence.

Benefits to the organisation?

Valuable insights into the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in the event of an emergency. Realistic testing and practising of the emergency plan. Ability to react positively to the media at times of crisis, leading to a better public profile for the organisation.

Benefits to the individual?

Better understanding of the media, more confidence to deal effectively with journalists in negative situations, a greater ability to act quickly and decisively in an unfolding crisis.

What ground is covered?

Participants spend the day in a realistic extended role-play relevant to their organisation. They respond to twists and turns in the story, giving periodic interviews and statements, and end the day with a realistic TV news conference. There is extensive feedback on all aspects of the day. This course is researched within the organisation, and may be undertaken in conjunction with your own emergency planning, crisis management or succession planning.

Pre-course work?


Dress code?


The course is also available in half-day and two-day versions. It can also be run on-site in conjunction with emergency planning practice exercises. For further information on course content, venues, costs and availability, email or call 0117 987 0442.