Engaging with the media by issuing press releases and giving TV, radio or newspaper interviews is a great way to get free, credible publicity. But it’s scary. So many people don’t do it. This enjoyable, interactive workshop will show you how to make the most of your media opportunities.

What is it?

A stimulating, interactive one-day programme. It will introduce the media and the basic concepts of news and PR, explain the huge benefits of positive media coverage, and give practice in being interviewed by any specified combination of newspapers, radio, TV or new media.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to deal with or represent their organisation in the media.

Previous experience required?


Benefits to the organisation?

Increased, and more positive, public awareness; a more effective lobbying presence; enhanced goodwill from ‘publics’ and stakeholders.

Benefits to the individual?

Better understanding of the media, confidence to deal effectively with journalists, and a greater ability to grasp the nub of a situation and express it simply and concisely.

What ground is covered?

We start with practical exercises and theoretical sessions on how the media operate and the basics of news and public relations. We then move on to realistic on-camera interview simulations in whatever media are required. The interviews are played back in a supportive group playback. Full handouts are emailed to each participant after the course.

Pre-course work?

None, though it is helpful to arrive at the course with several news story ideas.

Dress code?

Casual, though you may like to dress appropriately for the TV interviews.

The programme can be run as an open or in-house course, or modified to suit client needs. It is available in half-day, one-day and two-day versions. For further information on course content, venues, costs and availability, email or call 0117 987 0442.