Many successful people dread speaking to an audience – even one made up of friends and colleagues. Yet clear, persuasive, motivational presentations are the lifeblood of effective organisations. This course will make you a better, freer, happier presenter.

What is it?

A practical one-day introduction to making presentations to live audiences of different sizes.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to present confidently and effectively, but who lacks the experience or confidence to do so.

Previous experience required?


Benefits to the organisation?

The course produces staff who are better able to communicate, inform, engage and motivate colleagues and other stakeholders, which improves the overall efficiency and direction of the organisation.

Benefits to the individual?

At the end of the day the participant should feel energised and enthusiastic, a better communicator and therefore a better manager, more confident with greater sense of purpose and self-worth.

What ground is covered?

Participants prepare and deliver a five-minute presentation, with exercises and other input on content, structure, building confidence, voice, body language and other aspects of preparation and delivery.

Pre-course work?

You need to have an idea for the subject of your talk, plus any physical ‘props’ you plan to use, but you are not expected to prepare in any detail.

Dress code?

Casual, though many participants prefer to change into more formal clothes for their presentation.

The programme can be run as an open or in-house course, or modified to suit client needs. It is available in half-day, one-day and two-day versions.

Writing of speeches and presentations, and the preparation of PowerPoint slides, are also available.

For further information on course content, venues, costs and availability, email or call 0117 987 0442.